Walking in Downtown Burj Dubai

The Address - Downtown Burj Dubai
First Day
We got to our hotel at 10:30 and they told us that Dubai Mall closes at 12 am on weekends, thank god, we have time for dinner. So we got our things up in our rooms and went to the mall. All the stores were closing when we arrived so we took a quick look around and finally decide to eat at Cafe Blanc . After that we walked in Downtown Burj Dubai (near the hotel).
We can see Burj Dubai from here

in front of the mall...or is it the back!!!

the place is breath taking, it would be nicer in winter
with no humidity, where you can walk without sweating


Anonymous said…
Looks exactly like Kuwait? in my dreams!!
Anonymous said…
u means 12 am, 12 pm is noon!
ME said…
you are right 12 am :P

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