The Walk

After Atlantis, we went to The Walk in Jumaira Beach Resedencial
it's like 2 kilometers long boulevard
We walked till the end of it and I melted from the heat ... damn these people with their mini dresses and shorts. I became an Emirate girl wearing my veil loose and about to get my bang out like they usually do :)
Boutique 1 has a store there
but didn't find anything nice to buy
also there is like a million restaurant and below are some of them...some

The red sign on the right reads, Virgin store is now open...huh
we were tired just turning our heads to look at the stair how are we supposed to go up ???


Anonymous said…
The metallic color on the car is WOW!! :)
Web Weaver said…
Don't you feel when you go to Dubai you are in an Western country in the Middle East??
ME said…
Web weaver:
ohhh yahhhh
and this trip we felt Dubi was like Hong Kong

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