SPA Aquatonic

The first time I knew about SPA Aquatonic is through Some Contrast Blog . It is located in Farwaniya, next to Crown Plaza Hotel.

The place is breath taking ... Yesterday I went there to get a voucher for a colleague for his birthday. I wanted to take more pictures of the place inside, but I had no time, these are the only ones I took... while the receptionist was busy answering phone calls :p
waiting place

All of my friends who have tried it told me that I need a whole day to spend it there. At least 4 hours


DoDoq8 said…
l want to give my self break with this spa l have been doing a dait last weeks ;)
انا رحت له شهر خمسه الي فات ...أبيه حسيت روحي سندرله ..لما طلعت من باب السبا إختفى كل شي ..حسيت روحي في حلم ...دلع وتدليل وراحه ..وشوي وشيلوني ..بس الي كانت في الرسبشن كانت انفيسه ..بس كانت متعه ...بليل بعد مع الليتات الخافته يا سلالالالالام بروح مره ثانيه

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