Our Room

Our room (my sister and I) at The Address Hotel - Downtown Burj Dubai

There is an iPod dock that I enjoy using while I get dressed

and jump up and down to my lovely song (krazy) by Pitbull Feat Lil Jon

Of course only in Dubai you have bathrooms looking in your bedroom, no glass, just a wooden shutter

The balcony, we can see Dubai Mall from here

It's humid so we can't sit outside in this weather

ahhhh Nespresso machine

I should get one when I get back to Kuwait

every time we get back I drink a cup of Nespresso

I'm gonna have one now

This is my mother's room....specious

Behind the bath tub

Let's jump up and go Krazy :) link


Anonymous said…
mashallah u r shopping crazy
bas i have a question 4 u
do u save/have a savings account ?! :P
ME said…
yes I save
and I have a saving account
DoDoq8 said…

مشتااقه حق دبي
frortdrum said…
الله وناسة

عليكم بالعافية
Anonymous said…
واي وناسه شوقتيني حق السفر
الغرف وايد حلوه
يلا ننطر باقي الصور والسوالف يا حلوه
Anonymous said…
deluxe or premier room?
Aseel said…
I was in Dubai this weekend too.. Harvey sale was CRAZYYY
chatterbox said…
wallah 7osh hotel
عليكم بالعافية :)
Me Blogging said…
premier room, my mum was upgrdaed to grand room

we didn't have time to go to Harvey

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