My Favorite Video

Have you seen Lady Gaga's latest Video? Paparazzi? I saw it the other day in Perez Hilton blog. Why it is my favorite? well check out the pictures below...

Lady GaGa in Giuseppe Zanotti

in Balmain shoes

can't recognize this one

I think it's the same as the one above

again Giuseppe Zanotti

and again Giuseppe Zanotti

John Galliano

If I'm not mistaken that is Nicholas Kirkwood's shoes

I think this one is Pierre Hardy's shoes

Here I'm not sure what it is.
Also the rest of the shoes below, you have to help me with them

At first I thought it was Fendi shoes, then again it has a wide strap in front, can't say what is it

Is that Georgina Goodman shoes??? hmmm
Watch the Video Link (totally not safe for work)
you will be amazed by the amount of clothes, accessories and stuff
you don't know what to look at...enjoy


SOS! said…
xx-LJ from SOS!
e7mod said…
LOOL didnt get a chance to watch the shoes
Me Blogging said…

yah :) I know
joy said…
هi just love ladygaga pokerface number one now my new habba :)

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