The Marni shipment

My sister ordered this Marni sandal from their US web site. We were surprised to receive a big box that looks like there are boots in it. As you can see it turned out to be just a bag. Who wants the bag??? just ship the original box that the shoes comes in, we don't need all this, and since I got it on my Aramex mail box we had to pay more for the extra weight .... ahh I hate this, US shipments are always BIG.
I wish I had something from China to show you how they wrap things up.


Anonymous said…
hello your blog
it looks like we share the love of shopping
but i have a problem i wish you can help me with
how in earth do you organize your closet
Anonymous said…
how ON earth*
Me Blogging said…
who said I have an organized closet :)
let see what exactly you are having problems with? shoes? clothes? bags?
Anonymous said…
hehehehe madry i just had a feeling that you are :P
i have a walk in closet which is 4x5 and i'm running out of space.... the most help i need is with my bags
i'm thinking of doing a garage sale but online....what do you think? try to make more room in my closet by selling some of my stuff coz 7aram bas aqe6hum
wanna help with that 2 :P
Me Blogging said…
I was just reading about the same thing in confashion blog, I rememebered reading something about a company in kuwait that buys your used bags.
I just called them and they told me that they accept popular brands, like prada, gucci...I'm going to write a post about it stay tuned
and check their web site
Sn3a said…
3ashan ezeedon l wazn
bs ma3alaih l shoes eyannen 3alaikom bl 3afya
Anonymous said…

abe a3arif ilsite ile 6alba minah cuz abe a6leb plz
Me Blogging said…
just go to and choose US, if you have a mail box in the US, r UK if you have a mail box in the UK of course
Samira said…
I live in Doha and I find it hard and expensive to use Aramex, they ship one box at a time and their rates are high, slow response time and lost packages. I am using for my forwarding to Doha Qatar. They are super fast and approved by US post office. They ship to me by DHL, USPS, FeDex and TNT. I only paid $79.99 for the year for membership. This is another good mail forwarding service that should be considered when purchasing things from USA.

I loved the service for all my Amazon and Zappos shoe purchases, I get them really fast and I track all my orders online through their secure website

Doha Qatar
Audio Click said…
Great blog, I love the name. I am using for my mail forwarding to Tunisia, they forward to me by Post Office EMS and DHL, they are fast to respond and my shipment come within 10 days from USA, I buy shows and US fashion products on eBay, Amazon and they are wonderful. You simply log into and send your IDs then they create your own US address in 24 Hrs. Give them a try they are much better company than Aramex or myus.

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