LV concept store ... 7ad el WAWness

As part of Selfridges 100th anniversary celebrations, Louis Vuitton created some great installation using hundreds of Speedy bags.
Pictures above are taken by Chang-knudsen
this one is taken by Selfridges
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e7mod said…
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e7mod said…
i just came bag couple of days ago...didnt c anything there?!! ;/
Bahrain Fashion said…
That's nice :)
I love the idea of a 'couple of days' store!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Isn't speedy too.. hmm old fashion
joy said…

wayed wayed nice and creative me like me like
i have the bag kant emlaw3a chabdi bas 7alat eb3eeeny now :)
ME said…

Bahrain Fashion:
yah me too, they always come up with creative ways to show their products

yes speedy is so old fashion, but I think it's their best selling item


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