I'm going to do my own necklace

I received an email the other day from Ideeli.com telling me about their sale on Vera Wang's necklace, it used to cost $750 and now it's available for $199 only. I immediately logged in their website and added the necklace in my basket, but then I got a massage telling me that the sale will start in 15 minutes. I waited 15 minutes and pressed the 'add it to my basket' button again, but this time I got another massage telling me that I can't buy this necklace now, it's only available for first line members, come in after 54 minutes, but when the 54 minutes passed the item was already sold out :(
I wanted a big necklace like this from a long time, but I don't want to pay KD 200 for something I will wear 2 or 3 times.
yesterday I came home and found my sister taking off crystals out of our old chandelier, that means she has a new project working on. at that moment I remembered my lovely necklace that I couldn't get and decided to do my own.

I know the crystals has nothing to do with Vera's necklace (above) but let say it's going to be inspired by it.
wish me luck, I didn't start working on it yet, and have no idea how it will look like.


Anonymous said…
good luck....dont forget to show the end result
Saroona said…
Hey they sell similar necklaces on this blog i know and theyr amazing this is the link:


wayd 3jeboni o wayd 7elween, i just wanted to help lol theyr not mine:P
Anonymous said…
They have them at AlOthman. Not sure in those colors though. Check, they have sale.

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