I finally bought a Nespresso machine

Here is my brand new Nespresso Machine

I have used it in Dubai and fell in love with it instantly. It was easy to use, just drop the capsule into the machine, press the button and voila ... you have your espresso.
one of the reasons why I got the machine and started drinking espresso is the cute colorful coffee capsules (picture below)

Another reason is .......

George :)

Here you can see all types of coffee they have, the strength of each type, acidity, bitterness and stuff like that.

I also got a cappuccino maker, the one on the right.

Nespresso store is located in Sun City, in Shuwaikh industrial area. it was hard to find, we called them and they led us to their office located on the second floor .

The salesman said they will soon open in 360 mall, on the 25th to be exact.
Nespresso phone number: 24922600
Price of espresso machine: K.D. 110
Price of cappuccino maker: K.D. 40
coffee capsules can be delivered to your home


Anonymous said…


Anonymous said…
etshaweg elmakena wala 7ata law ma asta5demha shakilha e3aged o alwan elshots etwanis 3aleech bel 3afya
bas ma agol ela ya7leelha ely katba gably hehe elspilling checker :P

a girl from india ;)
اي جربتها في فندق ريتز الي في البحرين ..وناسه ..وفعلا سهله ..عليج بالعافيه
Anonymous said…
,والله أحلى شي جورج ما يبيعونه مع الاله

d.jandal said…
السلام عليكم

حبيت ادعيج لحظور معرض محمد على البغلي في بيت ديفا للاحجار الكريمه يوم السبت لي يوم الاثنين و اتشرف بحضورج

email : d.jandal@hotmail.com
facebook: malbaghli
Anonymous said…
love the white n gold mugs
where from?
Me Blogging said…
the white n gold mugs are from city center
faisal said…
can u make latte with this machine??
Me Blogging said…
Yes you can make latte
but I didn't try it
the instructions says, you have to put the milk in the cup first then place the cup under the machine to add espresso to it

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