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If you are thinking of buying a Birkin

you should get this one

$10,300 each
Picture taken from Harper's Bazaar magazine - July 2009


you know i would rather to have the red over sized elly which is for katy holms

its really desirable :)
joy said…
whats so special about this one????

am gnna order one this summer bas me7tara??
ME said…
haww joy...khabritich fe6eena

6al3ay el jan6a 3adel
ma feeha saka
bes shakil
mako gofol mako shay
Anonymous said…
mashallah 3alaich
althouq wel sana3 kella intai
bas 3endi lich fekra
since mashallah (knock on wood) you have an amaaaazing taste and u r met7ajba ( etha mani ghal6ana ) why dont u take pictures of ur outfits from shoulder down ( headless ) and post them
i'm sure u would help alot of us out there
coz kel el sites wel blogs 7ag non-met7ajbat
chena e7na malna rab :(
o sara7a ra7 etkoon khedma 3atheeeeema lina :)
just i wish o chan zain etseer true
ur sis
Maryam AKA mimi
Bahrain Fashion said…
Nice! Very Miranda Hobbes XD
ME said…
weee shokran shokran
Yes ana mit7ajba
and I liked your idea
but I don't like taking pictures of my self, even if my head doesn't show.
but I'll try and think of another way to do it
Anonymous said…
wee chan zain :)
dont take ur own pictures .... khalai a7ad thani yakheth hum lich :P
laa o 3endi lich fekra thanya
3ashan ma7ad e3arfich to keep ur identity dont post the outfit of the day on the same day :)
ham e7na ma nabeelich el matharrah :)
Me Blogging said…
no no I didn't mean, that I don't like taking my pictures my self...what I ment is I don't want to show my self in the blog (even without a face)
joy said…
sheft 3ogob ma saweet elcomment the leather looks nice :)
when i reach paris i will look it up

wella bas in the states??
Anonymous said…
aafsah 3azeezty 3ala es3ajich
3ala ra7tich
bas methel ma getlich embayen 3alaich wayed thoog o sara7a sa3eb wayed nelqa met7ajba thooq 3ashan chethy eqtara7t 3alaich ennich etsa3deena
Anonymous said…
ME said…
weee min sijich..laish teta'sefain
your r most welcome with your ideas GmbH

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