Girls night out

Had a greaaaaaat night out in the Living Room Lounge (Marina Waves)

Met 2 lovely girls who are fans of the blog
My sister and I had lots of fun with you, enshalah we will meet again

it appears that living room have changed their menu

this is my prawn pop corn ... YUMMMMMMMMY
wish I ordered 2

I think this is called the brownie chocolate lava
sounds better than it tastes !!
It was a bit dry, I thought it has melted chocolate inside
and thank you E for bringing us together


Anonymous said…
bagoolich shai malah sheghel bl salfa...ana mla7thtich mashalla shaklich sj sj 6aaayba!! umby 7abaytch w 7ada mafeech na7asaa allah ytamim 3laaych
DoDoq8 said…
عاد يقولون المطعم قعدتهم وشكله حلو

بس الطعم عادي صج ؟؟
e7mod said…
so going to try it enshala !! looks delicious bs 5al yet3adal el jaw
d.jandal said…
emmm am big fan of u ! mn zman bs ma 3azamteni =)

Anonymous said…
we r on ur blog :-)... abaaah wanaaaaaaaaaaSa :p .. feels weird ! ... ana tanzalt 3an 3arsh el silent reader o decided to comment :P ... we haaad a great time .. we felt we knew you guys for ages :-) ... thaaanks for the great gathering .. and thaaaaanks E for bringing us together :-) ..
WiSdOm said…
Trueeee we really had a greaaaaaat time together. Thank you all :)

With Love;

E ;)
Me Blogging said…
mashkoora, bes min wain estantajt aw estantajtay? entay wa7da min el banat ele kanaw ga3deen yamna bel ma63am :)?

sij awal ma kan akelhoom 7ilo
al7een wala zwain
ana wayed a7eb ga3detah
7itan law el akil mo 7ilo

yah you have to


silent reader :p
we felt the same way dear :)

Love u E
joy said…
bel3afya food looks great

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