Dubai Mall

Still in Second Day

Brioche Dorre
had breakfast there

It's fun to see in reality what bloggers posted about
check out fastidiousness post about Hermes
I love her blog

The lovely Peek-a-Boo Fendi bag
I found a black one online if you want
or white
link 2



Aseel said…
Did you like Dubai Mall?
Anonymous said…
the fendi bag that u picked is the best black or white are just so common
Fastidious Babe said…
AWW 7ayaatyy! im soo glad ur having a blast! isnt the dubai mall just FABULOUS? XD make the most out of ur trip and if u need anything just drop me a line xx
Anonymous said…
we wanna see what u bought
Me Blogging said…
ohhhh thank you Fastidious :)
we were there only for the weekend. 2 days

and anonymous

enshalaha you will see what i bought
Anonymous said…
any kelly's 35 at hermes?
pure-silk said…
7amdellah 3la esalamah
dubai needs more than weekend :)
Me Blogging said…
The GrandMother:
Allah ysalmich
ee wallah yabeelha akthar min 2 days...yabelha dahar to try kil shay

Kelly 35.hmmmm
sorry, but I just don't like this Hermes "habah". I didn't get in the store to know if they have it

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