The Dinner Party

My sister's friend (BD) invited us last night to a small dinner party in their house. It was only the 2 of us and her 3 sisters. Ohhhhh I love her sisters, they are so funny when they have a conversation with each other, the terms they use and the expressions they make, is just hilarious, when I'm around them I always find my self trying to imitate them when telling a story, but I just can't be like them.
Let me tell you what I mean by the terms they of them was talking about a girl she hates in her class at the university, and she felt like killing her for saying something stupid, then all of them screamed " FLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET" meaning you should kill her like a bug with a fleet.

Pepsi cubes, instead of ice cubes (water), so it will not melt and ruin your Pepsi
Why didn't I think of that before
We had candle light dinner, ahhh so relaxing

I really enjoyed my time, thank you BD for the lovely evening.


GurLa said…
yaay!! eShwiiG ilPepsie Cubes =P

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