Atlantis Dubai

First Day in the Afternoon

Notice the man, he is cleaning the windows of the hotel rooms that over look the aquarium

Funny looking sun glasses

Italian restaurant we ate here for lunch
click here for Atlantis the palm


Anonymous said…
I went to the real one in the BAHAMAS on my honeymoon :) Aaah the memories :D
Anonymous said…
EE 7ata ana i went 2 it kan 7ada 3ajeeb!!!:D 7addi abbi aroo7 again!!!!
Anonymous said…
its lovely place

i loved the itlian restaurant as a cozy place and the fire place was so cool at the entrance but the food wasnt so good
Anonymous said…
aslan the food eb kel mokan bel island is not good :(
ME said…
Anonymous 1+2:

Anonymous: 3+4:
you are right...the food was average

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