The Address SPA

I know I know ... some of you will say enoughhhhhh with Dubai. But I just found these pictures that I forgot to post and I've got to show you the SPA of our hotel.

This is the changing room, couldn't take pictures of the massage rooms

I chose the aroma massage, and slept during it

the place where you rest after the massage session

and this is what you look at

uhhhh what a view


شفت كل صور رحلتج لدبي ...الله يهنيج ...وناسه ..والصور حلوه ومعبره عن جمال الفن وتفنن بالعمران والديكورات
Fastidious Babe said…
i love that u made the most out of ur trip! x
Euphoria said…
I'd love to visit Dubai
Anonymous said…
NO.. not enough with Dubai ..
we want moooore & mooooore ;D
joy said…
ooooohhhhh god i forgot to visit the spaaaa!!!!!!!

next time maybe :P

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