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The Dinner Party

My sister's friend ( BD ) invited us last night to a small dinner party in their house. It was only the 2 of us and her 3 sisters. Ohhhhh I love her sisters, they are so funny when they have a conversation with each other, the terms they use and the expressions they make, is just hilarious, when I'm around them I always find my self trying to imitate them when telling a story, but I just can't be like them. Let me tell you what I mean by the terms they of them was talking about a girl she hates in her class at the university, and she felt like killing her for saying something stupid, then all of them screamed " FLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET " meaning you should kill her like a bug with a fleet. Pepsi cubes, instead of ice cubes (water), so it will not melt and ruin your Pepsi Why didn't I think of that before We had candle light dinner, ahhh so relaxing I really enjoyed my time, thank you BD for the lovely evening.

Another Peak - A - Boo bag

Fendi Peak-a-Boo bag price: $3450 - Pre-order Link

When was Sarah Jessica Parker pregnant to have TWINS!!

Ahhhhhaaa ... ok ... the twin girls were born via a surrogate Link

Aishti at the Avenues

Aishti will be opening soon at the avenues phase 2

I brought my canvas

Yesterday my sister and I went to bring my canvas that I bought from Dubai from Gallery One . it was an adventure. I had to take my brother's car (Tawariq - VW) so my canvas can fit in, it was like 1.7 meters long. I did the stretching in Giclee Gallery in Galleria 2000 in Salmiya, and as you all know, there is no parking in Galleria and I hate to give the car to the Valet, so I parked in Mariam Complex. Michel Jackson dies on friday and they hang his picture the next day in the shop midahoom !!!! thank god it fits perfectly inside the back of the car with the back seats down, if it was 5 cm longer it wouldn't get in. At home When I opened the wrapping I was amazed by their work. it was neat and clean, not like my old canvases that I made in bou Shehri. at first I thought 35 KD is to much but now I don't. Giclee Gallery Bou shehri (old canvas) I have 2 screws on the wall, so I adjusted the hooks to fit the screws that I already have. and this is the end re

Funny Prada Pictures

The 2 above pictures are taken from the spring / summer 2009 Prada look book, they are normal, there is nothing special about them... but when I saw these (below) I luaghed my heart out, because I didn't expect to see something like this in a look book, they scared me a little bit :) Loved them . This is written on the cover: "An exploration of the collection's domain of inspiration by AMO: divinity, tribalism and primitive symbolism - graphically represented through the dialogue of references between fashion and imagery"

I think Titti needs hair

this is the first time for me to take pictures of the headbands on Titti I think she needs hair so they will look more appealing

LV concept store ... 7ad el WAWness

As part of Selfridges 100th anniversary celebrations, Louis Vuitton created some great installation using hundreds of Speedy bags. Pictures above are taken by Chang-knudsen this one is taken by Selfridges source link

Me like this dress

by MARY KATRANTZOU sold via farfetch price: EURO 630

I'm going to do my own necklace

I received an email the other day from telling me about their sale on Vera Wang's necklace, it used to cost $750 and now it's available for $199 only. I immediately logged in their website and added the necklace in my basket, but then I got a massage telling me that the sale will start in 15 minutes. I waited 15 minutes and pressed the 'add it to my basket' button again, but this time I got another massage telling me that I can't buy this necklace now, it's only available for first line members, come in after 54 minutes, but when the 54 minutes passed the item was already sold out :( I wanted a big necklace like this from a long time, but I don't want to pay KD 200 for something I will wear 2 or 3 times. yesterday I came home and found my sister taking off crystals out of our old chandelier, that means she has a new project working on. at that moment I remembered my lovely necklace that I couldn't get and decided to do my own. I know t

Michael Jackson Passes Away at 50

Pop legend Michael Jackson is reported to have died of a heart attack after he was rushed to hospital in Los Angeles. link

Girls night out

Had a greaaaaaat night out in the Living Room Lounge (Marina Waves) Met 2 lovely girls who are fans of the blog My sister and I had lots of fun with you, enshalah we will meet again it appears that living room have changed their menu this is my prawn pop corn ... YUMMMMMMMMY wish I ordered 2 I think this is called the brownie chocolate lava sounds better than it tastes !! It was a bit dry, I thought it has melted chocolate inside and thank you E for bringing us together

For Ramadan

Muhammad Al-Baghli invites you to his necklaces exibition in Bait Diva on the 27th - 29th of June

seven for all mankind

Seven Jeans is now open at the avenues - phase 2 Above see by chloe store

I finally bought a Nespresso machine

Here is my brand new Nespresso Machine I have used it in Dubai and fell in love with it instantly. It was easy to use, just drop the capsule into the machine, press the button and voila ... you have your espresso. one of the reasons why I got the machine and started drinking espresso is the cute colorful coffee capsules (picture below) Another reason is ....... George :) Here you can see all types of coffee they have, the strength of each type, acidity, bitterness and stuff like that. I also got a cappuccino maker, the one on the right. Nespresso store is located in Sun City, in Shuwaikh industrial area. it was hard to find, we called them and they led us to their office located on the second floor . The salesman said they will soon open in 360 mall, on the 25th to be exact. Nespresso phone number: 24922600 Price of espresso machine: K.D. 110 Price of cappuccino maker: K.D. 40 coffee capsules can be delivered to your home

Cry on my shoulder

I'm loving this Fall's shoulder trend, I don't know how it will look on us when we wear this 80's twisted trend but I'm soooo excited to try. Picture taken from: Elle magazine July 2009

The Address SPA

I know I know ... some of you will say enoughhhhhh with Dubai. But I just found these pictures that I forgot to post and I've got to show you the SPA of our hotel. This is the changing room, couldn't take pictures of the massage rooms I chose the aroma massage, and slept during it the place where you rest after the massage session and this is what you look at uhhhh what a view GmbH