Today: Matthew for H&M

H&M window - Avenues
Didn't like what I saw today
Cheap fabric and pale colors
there are 2 items I was looking forward to see, but they were sold out
the blue jacket and the white shirt with beads


Anonymous said…
i totally agree with u the collection was so "disappointing"

for me CAVALLI was the best and comme de garcon was not bad
Web Weaver said…
I don't like H&M in general, so I don't bother looking in. I liked the Beaded dresses sold at French Connection, it is similar to the shirt. And even Johnny Was at Lime Light has similar designs.
DoDoq8 said…
حلو القميص وصج ماشفته

على فكره اهمايقولون خلص بس تلقيه ماوصل وهذا الي اكتشفته امس سألت اكثر من شخص اهناك وكل واحديقولي شي
joy said…
the white shirt was there at 1 noon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me Blogging said…
did you get it?
SOS! said…
my mom couldn't attend the vip cause of work. She came at 11 and the blue tux was gone. I was a bit sad..but I'm over it.
xx-LJ from SOS!

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