Now I remembered where have I seen Delfina Delettrez collection

I have tried this hand bracelet, it looked strange and beautiful at the same time


Bahrain Fashion said…
It's cute and unique but freaky XD

- to freaky fashions ;)

P.S: check out my "Bahrain Street Style" post if you get the chance!

luv ur blog :P Very fashionable! One of my favs ;)
Me Blogging said…
Yah I saw it :)


if you continue doing that you might be the sartorialist of the middle east :)

I was thinking of doing the same, but how will I get people to pose for me?
Bahrain Fashion said…
Oh, I soo wanna be the Sartorialist of the Middle East XD All you need is a crazy wacky friend that'll be with you and ease the process of asking people. My friend is a Kylie Minogue Freak who sang through the whole thing XD So, a crazy friend, notebook and a digital camera is all you need!
Aseel said…
It's very Beyonce 2009
I'm not digging that look, I'm still not over the floral phase

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