I Love Souk

The fashion blogger Confashion from Kuwait encouraged me to visit (I love souk) from the post she wrote.

When I arrived ... I saw girls standing outside , all dressed up. I didn't know there was an event going on today?

it turned out to be Delfina Delettrez's jewelry exhibition. The daughter of Silvia Venturini Fendi and french jeweller Bernard Delettrez. I walked around looking at the marvelous collection of hers that you can describe as gothic, romantic, rock, fresh, passionate. Most of her creations are skulls, frogs and spiders.

After that I went up to the souk, see what I've got...

Got the brooches confashion wrote about, first one 10 kd second 12 kd.

the black bracelet is from Uterque (bought it yesterday from avenues) and today I saw a bunch of bracelets that look exactly like mine, so I took a pink one to wear it with the one I have. available a variety of colors.
now ... my black bracelet is 15 kd and the pink is 10 kd.

and I couldn't resist the fragrance kitchen . number 14, smells like Hanan ma3mool from 3i6orat Abdulmuhsin in Qurtoba (if you know what I'm talking about). let say it is a strong smell of Arabic perfume. My sister says I smell like other people's house :) that's because we don't use Arabic perfumes. so I smell like someone else not me :)


Bahrain Fashion said…
I'm looking forward to visiting 'I Love Souk' as soon as I visit Kuwait XD
Anonymous said…
ليش تكتبون تعليقات مادام الهانم ما ترد عليكم
الشكر موصول ل ماجد الصباح

فهو مهمتم جدا بالنهضة الفنية في الكويت بإقامة معارض فنية دائمة متجددة لمصممين و رسامين عالميين

حتى وان بدى الإقبال خفيف في هذه المرحلة لأنها مرحلة انتقالبة جديدة .. ارجوا أن يعتاد الجيل الجديد ويصبح مبدع فنيا وأن يصبح حالهم ك حال بقية الدول المتطورة من ناحية الفن وتقدير قيمته

المسؤولية كبيرة عليك يا صاحب الفيلا مودا

لهذا نحن ندعمك ونشكرك من صميم أعماقنا القلبية

وهكذا ترتقي الكويت
Anonymous said…
مقابلة تلفزيونية مع الشيخ ماجد الحمود الصباح

مالك فيلا مودا


an interview with majed al sabah about this event the fragiles !

i was going to download it , but its blocked by the copy right !

here is the likn

Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah
Interview Feature




its better to show this vedio in the youtube

god bless you majed al sabah
Anonymous said…

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