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Me can't stop buying shoes

Neon Pink River Island Zara Karen Millen Me no fit, Me fit Me buy

Jamin Puech online store

Jamin Puech is pleased to announce the launch of its online store! Link


Now I remembered where have I seen Delfina Delettrez collection In Luisa Via roma I have tried this hand bracelet, it looked strange and beautiful at the same time

Getting ready for summer

The best Bronzage everrrrrrr I love how it smells

Say Hi to Titti

Meet Titti, the new head that will be displaying Ibra'h's collection in the future. My sister got her from (The Golden Lock) store in sun city Shwaikh. Above is a picture she took of the store...these mannequins look scary. Imagine yourself among them in the dark.

I Love Souk

The fashion blogger Confashion from Kuwait encouraged me to visit (I love souk) from the post she wrote. When I arrived ... I saw girls standing outside , all dressed up. I didn't know there was an event going on today? it turned out to be Delfina Delettrez's jewelry exhibition. The daughter of Silvia Venturini Fendi and french jeweller Bernard Delettrez. I walked around looking at the marvelous collection of hers that you can describe as gothic, romantic, rock, fresh, passionate. Most of her creations are skulls, frogs and spiders. After that I went up to the souk, see what I've got... Got the brooches confashion wrote about, first one 10 kd second 12 kd. the black bracelet is from Uterque (bought it yesterday from avenues) and today I saw a bunch of bracelets that look exactly like mine, so I took a pink one to wear it with the one I have. available a variety of colors. now ... my black bracelet is 15 kd and the pink is 10 kd. and I couldn't resist the fr

Nike Dipped in Gold

It is not wearable, it is an art piece Price $4,500 Link


Now open at the avenues in front of Carfour Looks like Anna Sui gladiator sandals, they have blue one too, shorter than this one, all small sizes from the blue color are gone they have 39 and above

Me like this skirt

From Zara

Kiss me Kiss me

A clutch by LuLu Guinness 219 pound available at my wardrobe

Book's Station

I saw these guys in Qurtoba coop, they are a group of high school students with an idea of reviving reading and writing through their little project that is organized by Injaz . Below is a detailed description of what they are doing... Do you have the potential? Do you like reading, writing or both? Are you seeking for a certain book? Are you looking for the appropriate opportunity to publish you own words? What are you waiting for? Book's Station aims towards reviving reading and writing. We make young writes' dreams a reality by creating the appropriate opportunity for them to publish their own words. We also try to prevent books from being wasted by buying and selling used books. Other activities are found here like (book seeker) where we can search for a book that you've always wanted but couldn't find. another activity aims towards increasing the reading percentage of our children called (let's read) Contact info. Tel: 55770133 e-mail: books-station@li


This is my cousin's hand trying to pick up a man ;P in Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE). The Accounting Club in College of Business Administration - Kuwait University have organized this trip to the KSE . The funny part is people kept looking up at her thinking ... what is this crazy girl is doing???? taking pictures of her hand ????

Wrap watch

Burberry's wrap watch from Men summer collection 2009 click here to order price: 395 pound there is another color if you are intrested click here to order price: 325 pound

As seen on Areej

Ibrah's Headband seen on Areej Al-Kharafi in Abwab Magazine issue # 62 owner of Pick your and Fortune Cookie Boutique in Karizma and there you can find the headbands

Zara bag looks like Marni

Zara bag 21 KD picture taken in Zara Soug sharq Marni - Triangle slouchy hobo Marni - Slouchy leather bag

Angels & Demons now showing in Kuwait

I didn't get to see X-Men and now Angels and Demons is out!!!! I read the book, it was GREAT. Specially if you've been to Rome, and you know all the places they are talking about. I'm sure the movie will not be as good as the book, but I have to see it. I've got a big project for work, I hope I can finish part of it today so I can go tomorrow. BOOK TICKETS

Today: Matthew for H&M

H&M window - Avenues . . Didn't like what I saw today Cheap fabric and pale colors there are 2 items I was looking forward to see, but they were sold out the blue jacket and the white shirt with beads


Will be opening soon at the Avenues it's located in phase 2, up above patchi

looks like philip lim's shoes

By Pour la Victoire price : $225 sold at Nordstrom available also in black and beige

Red White Black

I have noticed that most best selling business books have Red, White and black covers!!! picture taken in Virgin Store - Marina Mall


We were at the avenues today, having dinner outside in l'entrecote restaurant suddenly at 11:00 pm we couldn't see a thing dust came down like thick fog

Monkey Cuff

Lydia Courteille - Price upon request wanna see the whole collection? ... click here

Five O'clock

Found Serge Lutens perfume (five o'clock) in Sephora at the Avenues GmbH