Prada - Fall/Winter 2009

From time to time I will be posting about things caught my eyes in Fall/Winter fashion shows, and today I will begin with Prada

We have seen the gladiator shoes
now let me introduce you to the gladiator skirt

Prada pampers??

agian with the gladiator look
I think they were inspired by Trojan Helmet


eshda3wa said…
i love prada shoes

but these are a bit too much for me
Anonymous said…
love your posts gurl! how can we contact you?
Anonymous said…
Hi ! Firstly I would like to say that I truly LOVED your blog!
Ya3ni githait yoomi wanaa atmasha eb bloggich ;p

I really loved it, you're very hip and up to date on alot of things !

Mashalah Mashalah

As I was browsing your archive I stumbled upon a post you wrote a while back about the Sidekick you ordered for your cousin! Please Please Please PLEASE help me ! I got my Sidekick a while back when I was in the States and when I brought it back here to use it here, it didnt work. I was tricked by eBay to buy a unlock deactivation code..which didnt work :) thank you very much. .

How did you do it ? Do help ;( Please.

Bad3elech lail o nahar if you do.

Me Blogging said…
Anonymous 1:
thank you :)
this is my contact

I'll try to add it in the contact section later on

Anonymous 2:

thank you :) glad you enjoyed it

and about the sidekick I wish I can help you but we got it unlocked and it just worked. we did not do anything to it. sorry, try searching for info. online you might find something usefull.

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