Magic Planet at the Avenues

Today we went to Magic Planet at the Avenues and I totally did not expect to find the place like this, It is astonishing. I loved how the games all look like bugs, white bugs, they are sooooo cute, with their Poppy eyes. If you have kids you really have to pay them a visit, the place even look better in reality.

bowling :) I have to come with my friends someday


Anonymous said…
the spelling in the title is wrong honey :)
Anonymous said…
Hi we want to today to visit it. it was very nice . we played there and we want to go again to play bowlingand anoher games.
Me Blogging said…
okkkkhhhhh :) you are right the spelling is wrong :p

sana3tah :)
Anonymous said…
It looks like a cool place to visit! We need decent arcades in Kuwait!
Bahrain Fashion said…

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