It's freezing at work

I can't stand the cold at the office, I can't type I can't concentrate at my work I can't do anything, so I decided that today is my last attempt to fight cold. I brought my warm booties, I usually wear this at home. For your information I have a wool blanket from Zara Home, and I also have an air heater, but can't open it all the time because I share the office with 3 colleges.

So first thing I did when I arrived in the morning is took off my flats and wore these...uhhhhhhh very comfy, very warm, why didn't I think of that before. Thank god today I didn't have lots of things to do out of the office. Now I can work....after some time....while I was typing....I was thinking to myself...can I wear gloves and type???? :) hmmmmmm????


dg said…
i feel u! u do what u gotta do to keep warm ;)

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