I caught the BB virus

I have resisted buying a new mobile for as long as I could, but a couple of weeks ago I got so mad on the driver for taking us in a very very long road that I took it all out on my mobile. I squeezed it so hard that I broke the screen from the inside (picture above) and afterward I couldn't see a thing.

So I decide to try out my cousin's Side Kick mobile since she is not using it, and thought of buying it from her if I liked it. I used it for 3 days and on the last day I forgot to charge it and it went dead. no big deal, right??? WRONG ....When I opened it the next day I found out that all of my contacts, massages, and calls were deleted... what the ****???????
now what? ....what should I do???
what to buy?
what to get????
there is nothing that I liked out there
then all of my cousins convinced me to get a.....

what else?
Yes I caught the BB virus


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