Friday family gathering

what is new for this week ?

We celebrated our uncle's birthday
2 cakes from sugar and spice in shuwaikh
I liked the first one, it's like a cheesecake with coffee flavor
the second one is normal nothing special, it only looks good

2 months ago my cousin gave her friend a dog as a birthday present
and today she brought it with her to play with us
his name is Pixo, he's so cute, did not expect his hair to be so soft
we played with him all day, he's like 4 months old, I think it's his first time running and playing in grass, it looks like he enjoyed it and had soo much fun
we are thinking of bringing him every Friday

now I have to take a bath after him licking me everywhere


Anonymous said…
Hi ana D
ana ma jarbet elcakes bes kaleet men elkonafa eli yebtoha 7elwa bes kant barda 7asafa : )
Pixo 3ajeeb ; )
Me Blogging said…
Hi D
aslan madri chan e7na yaybeen konafa ma entebaht :)
ME said…
shino ele what type?
the dog????
I don't know
you tell me from the picturesana tara ma a3aref
MC said…
The dog is so cute, 3ad I really want a dog, I had one as a kid but I am allergic :(

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