Five O'Clock

I love Serge Lutens perfume (Five O'clock)
It smells like coca cola, and a bit of Arabic perfumes
I got it from Geneva and when it was about to finish
I looked for it everywhere in Kuwait but didn't find it
Thank god, mum found me one in Beirut's airport
you have to try it, if you find it :)


Web Weaver said…
Try Al Rawdah supermarket, the makeup department, They have Serge Lutens perfumes if I'm not mistaken.
Me Blogging said…
thanx I will check
bes mo chena Al-Rawtha supermarket is closed for repair?

I found Sege collection in VavaVoom but they don't have the 5 o'clock perfume
Anonymous said…
it looks weird as a combination of coca cola and arabic perfum

but i really would like to try the fragrance =)
Anonymous said…
i have one, i didnt think thered be another kuwaitiya in love with this perfume, obly beccause its rare and eccentric- tabeenha?
Anonymous said…
mmm i should try it :) thanks

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