The comedy show

I'm sorry guys I didn't post about this earlier but I was extremely busy that I couldn't find time to write. Yesterday I saw an email from Pink Moon Boutique , that shows that AUK (American University of Kuwait) will host a comedy show on the 13 of April. I recognized 2 of the guys in the picture, Maz and Ahmed. SO I got all excited and went straight to AUK and got the tickets for the 7:00 show (there were another one at 9:00).
We went today ....and the show was HILARIOUS, tears kept coming down my face from laughter. I loved them all they were amazing. I really enjoyed it, I have never been to a comedy show before.

before we got in we took pictures with Maz Jobrani and Ted Alexandro in the Lounge

Ahmed Ahmed

Ted Alexandro

Angelo Tsarouchas

Maz Jobrani


Anonymous said…
wala 7adi a7ebhom lesh me geltay yal ananeya :P
ME said…
shsaweeee kint 7adi ta3bana ma gedart

yalah maikhalif mara yaya :)

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