Couple of days ago we went to 4 store in Shuwaikh industrial area, I read about it before in blogs but never saw it until now. the place looks amazing, too bad it's in Shuwaikh, you don't go there very often. Anyways, I didn't get to see every piece of clothing because I was trying on some shoes and my family finished their round in the store in like 10 minutes and they wanna leave.

The funny thing is their entrance is blocked by this bus stop booth, so I think they painted it pink in order to match the store style :)

I didn't recognize most of the designer names, I was so happy to hear Rick Owen's name from the saleswomen....finally some one I know :)

I loved this, but they only serve coffee and juice for the moment they are thinking of turning this place to a restaurant....looking forward to it.

My shoes from Charlotte Olympia
don't know if I will get to wear it or not


Anonymous said…
what about the price range? etro or limelight range?
Me Blogging said…
veeeeeery expensive
a braclet was priced 440 KD
Anonymous said…
what about clothes and foot wear?
DaLaL said…
WoW!! sexy shoes i like :) of course u should wear it ya3ni 7aram hatha yig3ad bil kabat :P
oo i love ur blog ;)
Me Blogging said…
clothes and footwear are the same starts from 100 and above

thanx dear
B said…
Where exactly is this place? it is close to what?
Me Blogging said…
It is next to BMW show room in shwaikh
Anonymous said…
how much did you get the shoes for?

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