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Turtle Headband

Now Available at


Anonymous said…
7adhom eshawgoon
Anonymous said…
Great, but anah wear 7jab, can she do the same thing but instead a headband I want a brooch...
Anonymous said…
25 KD...too much expensive, 3ala shino, get real !!!
Anonymous said…
nice headbands o betawfeej enshallah.
i think u might be interested in this :

"Khaleejesque" is an upcoming lifestyle webzine that revolves around everything hip and happening in the Arabian Gulf Countries.
"Khaleejesque", a reflection of the Gulf transformed into an online magazine is a one click portal that features everything there is to know about the Gulf, If you're up for it,will cover the latest restaurants, fashion, boutiques, spas, art galleries, exhibitions and include special features and editorials; basically an inside scoop of everything "Khaleeji." But to do all that, we need you- fellow bloggers, freelancer writers/photographers; basically people who like writing, know how to write, and are willing to write short articles, cover events, and contribute to "Khaleejesque."
drop us a line at, with a CV (don't freak out, we're not asking you to professional, just tell us if you've had any freelance or writing experiences) and preferably a copy/example of anything you've written recently, and no supermarket lists don't cut it; send us blog posts, a couple of paragraphs, anything that shows that you can put sentences together.
Bloggeress said…
I love the colors!!
Best of luck Dear - by the way
Price tag is just perfect affordable and not tooo Affordable ;)

you might wanna see this :
Anonymous said…
Anpnymous 2:
wallah fekra
we could do that in the future laish la

Anonymous 3:
Walla it takes alot of work to do

anonymous 4:
nice to know

thanx for the post :)
Unknown said…
ee walla shda3wa 25kd!
Anonymous said…
love the colors....
but wayed ghaly :(
Anonymous said…
super cute, i'll let my friend know about this place, she does head bands too, competition/cat-fight in 1 minute from now ;P
Anonymous said…
Thanx :)

where does your friend sells hers? and do u have pictures of them ?
Anonymous said…
i have seen less quality with the about the same price...bas the items are meant for il naas il trendy o as7aab il thoooug..o mara7 eyooz 7ag il banat ily edawroon il AVERAGE...:)
Anonymous said…
very very CUTEEEE +++++++
Anonymous said…
Divanity is her shop's name.

she was on p2bk ;)
Anonymous said…
Divanity is her shop's name.

she was on p2bk ;)
Anonymous said…
Erzulie said...
this seems pretty cool and innovative, especially when you have a ton of girls who flock to barakat for glue guns and gems with plain, 250 fils headbands at hand i.e. a step away from calling yourself "a designer."

i checked their website out and the only thing that i found well, unnecessary, was the about us section, especially with the picture. i know that a lot of businesses here in kuwait don't want to disclose their real identity, but why make it look so odd with the strange-looking ganesha mask? omit the photo altogether.

i don't know about you, but it just made me raise a quizzical eyebrow.

copied from :Confashions from Kuwait blog

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