Spathodea Campanulata

Spathodea Campanulata is a tropical tree that my parents saw in Oman and decided to get one and plant it in our garden. They were sure it would be impossible for it to grow flowers like they saw in Oman and Abu Dabi as well, because the weather here in Kuwait, dry and hot.

But today we were surprised to see flowers growing on the tree, it is good the tree did not die the time it was brought to Kuwait. and now flowers!!!

Enshallah the coming days we will see more of them, bigger and fuller


joy said…

عندنا نفسها بالشاليه

Abdullah said…
Mashallah wayed 7ilwa, 3alakom bil 3afya ;)
Me Blogging said…
Allh y3afeek 3abdallah

and joy my mum wants to see your tree :) take pictures and put them in your blog Please :) she adores plants

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