while we were walking in al Jumaiza street - Lebanon , we came across this cute boutique - cafe - bakery place. sadly we did not have time to sit and eat in there, but we went in to see how it looks like from the inside. It reminded me of Al Mazar here in Kuwait, very quiet very cozy.

What caught my eyes was a collation of T-shirts that had Arabic writing on them, the sales women told me that they are hand made by an Iranian guys who live in New York, cool. They are called NIMANY. below are some of the items I like...


stella said…
شكل البلايز وايد غريب بس حده حلو ماكو منهم بالكويت
TruTh said…
ترى انتي فنانة بالتصوير

قاعدة اطالع بوستاتج اللي قبل و استمتع بالصور

تسلم ايدج
Anonymous said…

and for that P.Y.T wearing this T-shirt, makes it even more fun, Hello kitty ? ;P
Anonymous said…
what the hell r these arabs doing here? its farsi not arabic ididots. get out sand people!
Me Blogging said…
Doing where?
and you are right it is Farsi not arabic
Payam Aryan said…
Arabs selling and buying Iranian brand in Lebanon?!!!!! Nimanny is 100% persian, Iranian dessigner from NY. Btw Arabic alphabets is 4 letter short compered with persian alphabets. Arabs can't pronounce G, P , zh and ch. If i was Allah, their god, I would first learn to pronounce these sounds and then think of publishing a book!!!!

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