Nerdy eye glasses

ohhhh I just love Jane, a girl from Texas who dresses up and show us what she wore for the day in her lovely blog Sea of shoes. She just reminded me that I'm looking for geeky nerdy looking glasses. I have tried some in Lebanon but wasn't sure about them , they were by Tom Ford. The one she is wearing is by Ray-Ban. Is it OK if I buy more than one :P


Anonymous said…
doesn't she look like Marsha something from Desperate housewives ?

she looks good ;)
Me Blogging said…
I don't think so
maybe when Marsha is wearing her glasses?
MWB said…
I'm looking for nerdy glasses too. I'm so glad you mentioned the ones by Tom Ford because those are the ones I'm looking to get. Can't find any others that do what his do - in the shiny mastic btw.

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