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My bag has arrived

It looks amazing in reality
but my lighting in my room doesn't


Anonymous said…
hi this is sarah
Mubrook, more pix plz:)
u r my new life coach
I am waiting for ur afkar I fanatg I am redoing my bedroom
any ideas? Momken etsawren part of ur room atkhayalha qema bel thouq wel manal
joy said…

3alich bel3afya etyanin
Anonymous said…
MabroOok o 3alich bel 3afia : ).

MabroOok o 3alich bel 3afia : )
Anonymous said…
ig3ad ! 3ajeeba ,, wayed wayed eye catching, itga63eenha bil 3afya ;)
Web Weaver said…
NICE! I like it! ;))
Anonymous said…
may i ask, how much it cost you?
why u didn't buy it from q8?
Anonymous said…
:) my room has nothing special in it, coz it is small no space to do a lot of stuff in it.
I have discovered a new way to decorate your room, each person has his own style and taste in decor, so to know your style, all you have to do is look through decor magazins and rip off pages of the ones that attracts you, don't think much, just when you find yourself looking in a picture for a long time, rip it, at the end you will find that all these pictures have things in commonm things you like without knowing. so this is what you like and this is what you have to look for when you shop for your room. hope you try it and benifit from it.

allah ey3afeech...shakhbarich? walaht 3alaich, haa mashghoola eb7aflat febrayer? ;p

Abdullah :
:) mashkoor, shakelha sij betega6a3 ma3a hal tartar ele feeha

it cost me approx. 300
I didn't see it in Kuwait, and I don't want to wait and not find it afterward. coz I fell in love with the bag the moment I saw pictures of the fashion show.
Unknown said…
abaih etyaaaaaanin mashalla.. 3alaich eb alf 3afya :* i once saw a girl carrying it in the avenues but she had it in navy blue o black.. it caught my eye ;)

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