Ibrah is on TV

Today the TV show (Banat O Bes) interviewed Areej Al-Khurafi the owner of Pick Your Tag .com and Fortune Cookie Boutique in Karizma. Areej was wearing Ibrah's Headband at the time, and it looked amazing on her. I wish I know how to transfer the interview on youtube to show you . Enshalah I will learn how and do it.

Here you can see Hissa Al-Loghani trying on the butterfly model. Nice Hissa :)

Hissa fell in love with the black Turtle headband and bought one for herself and wore in another interview. It's not clear in the picture because mashallah Hissa's hair is black like the headband.

Banat O Bes is a TV program about everything hip and trendy in Kuwait and anything related to girl. It is brodcasted on Al-Wattan TV, every sunday from 9:00 - 10:00


وناسه ..الى الامام
Anonymous said…
but still waiting for my brooch :'(
AbWaBy said…
wanasa :)

go ahead

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