I was amazed by Karizma

Why I never heard of Karizma boutiques before????!!!!! just yesterday by coincidence I went there with a friend and was amazed by the place. Maybe I never paid attention to it because Karizma was known for hosting mini hideous Kuwaiti expos?? maybe, I remember seeing some of the boutiques there on TV but never knew where they were exactly and now I do .

You can see in the picture above the main entrance of the place, and this is a nail bar that you are looking at, who wants to see people doing their nails when they first come in ???

Samar's Art

Confashion wrote a post about them once

and there was also Reina Boutique, where they sell comfortable wear mostly beach wear, and training

I'm sooooo looking forward to see the opening of another shop over there


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Karizma is located in Sharq Bin Mesbah street house # 7
click here to read a post by The oniomania regarding the opening of the place


Oleana said…
Thank you for the post! Oleana Boutique focuses on the modern parent. We try to provide all that is new and hip for the new mommy to be!

From funky clothes to amazing accessorize for you and your little one, Oleana Boutique is the place.

Visit us at our store in Karizam or online at www.oleanaboutique.com

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