Today I went with my friend Faro7a to Living Room Lounge in Marina waves, we sat outside in those lovely huge white sofas, of course the view over their is breath taking and not to mention the weather too, anyways while we were eating I saw Faroo7 looking behind me with puzzled eyes, I turned and saw fireworks in the sky !!!! @@ what was that for??
Then we discovered that the fireworks were for the opening of the new mall Olympia (ahhhhh that's why Salmiya was crowded today). Faroo7, thanx for choosing Living Room :) it was an amazing night out. we could see everything are some videos


Anonymous said…
wanasa! i really need to go check out living room, everyone says its nice..
DoDoq8 said…
ايي انا امس شفتهم

هذا مال مبنى الاولمبك اليديد

مادري شنو هذاالمبنى للحين!!
Me Blogging said…
the food is normal but their dessert is delicious, we had a caramel cheese cake uhhhh wish we took 2 instead of one and sharing

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