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Me like - for men

Dries Van Noten Price : KD 168 to order click here

The Golden Shoes

PRADA Bow Ballet Flat $750.00

Ibrah is on TV

Today the TV show (Banat O Bes) interviewed Areej Al-Khurafi the owner of Pick Your Tag .com and Fortune Cookie Boutique in Karizma. Areej was wearing Ibrah's Headband at the time, and it looked amazing on her. I wish I know how to transfer the interview on youtube to show you . Enshalah I will learn how and do it. Here you can see Hissa Al-Loghani trying on the butterfly model. Nice Hissa :) Hissa fell in love with the black Turtle headband and bought one for herself and wore in another interview. It's not clear in the picture because mashallah Hissa's hair is black like the headband. Banat O Bes is a TV program about everything hip and trendy in Kuwait and anything related to girl. It is brodcasted on Al-Wattan TV, every sunday from 9:00 - 10:00


Today we had lunch in Pizza Rustica at the Avenues in front of Apple Bees. it took us 40 minutes to get a place in there, but time passed by chatting with the family. My sister and brother hated their Pizza, they ordered mushroom pizza and my brother added rocula to it, they said it was kind of uncooked, I think the cheese and mushroom made it like this. I had Margarita, it was fine, but my mum's pizza was tasty, she ordered the one with eggplant and pesto sauce and I think there were small pieces of bacon, love it. I give it 9 out of 10, I'm definitely going back there and ordering my mum's pizza.

kanye has a blog


My business ... is my Hobby - Part 2

More pictures of the event


They look like Tibi's collection This is Wallis store window in Avenues

Spathodea Campanulata

Spathodea Campanulata is a tropical tree that my parents saw in Oman and decided to get one and plant it in our garden. They were sure it would be impossible for it to grow flowers like they saw in Oman and Abu Dabi as well, because the weather here in Kuwait, dry and hot. But today we were surprised to see flowers growing on the tree, it is good the tree did not die the time it was brought to Kuwait. and now flowers!!! Enshallah the coming days we will see more of them, bigger and fuller

Looks like Pauric

This Givenchy bag (KD484) looks like my Pauric Sweeney bag This is my bag, I got it 2 years ago from Roma. I love this bag, it was one of Pauric's first collection I remember the saleswomen telling me it was the last one they had, I knew she was lying , and to prove it we passed by the next day and saw another one in the window....I hate it when that happens

Me wants to die

more neon ahhhhhhhhhhh what shall I do???? ShopBop price: KD 70

Me like JF & Son bag

wanna buy? click here price : $245 Approximately: KD 70

My business ... is my Hobby

The event took place in Shuwaikh in College of Business Administration Kuwait University

Express yourself

Newly opened at the Avenues infront of Carrfour guess what I got?? Neon what else? :)


Topshop (KD 35) inspired by ..... link YSL cage boots (Approximately KD 400) Link

Mum wanted to kill me...

for buying this 48 KD plastic Ray Ban sun glasses she thinks it looks like a toy and should be sold for 4 KD

New Ibrah's creation

Brooche GmbH