What's wrong with my download ?

Why can't I download ? why Bit Torrent keeps giving me red Arrows?? Just few days ago I can download a whole movie in 45 minute and now...nothing :(
I wanna watch Lost
did anyone face the same problem? or it's only me?


AIC said…
yeh its the same with me, peer-to-peer downloads aren't working with me also
Anonymous said…
i use bitcomet there is no such problem.
Anonymous said…
i think the problem is with the ISP , i am using FT , and the download is perfect.

what is your company
ME said…
ok it's not just me

what ISP you hvae ?

we r using quality net
Pearl said…
tadreen ana b3ad hal iomeen mo
basr3a iaswee downloads :(
abee anzal gre's 15 9aier ba6e'a

7adee mashtaga 7ag monagshatna 3an
al 7algat oo tashr7enle al ashia'a alee mafhamha :))
ME said…
hi Pearl, ana yemken 6ayfatni 7 7algat min grey's anatomy, mako wagt walah ako download 7adi mayta min el gahar.

gomt ashoff aflam mnazlat'hom min ziman

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