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Today I am proud to be Kuwaiti

Today is the day we were waiting for,the P2BK event. Remember when I told you we had a project? and I'm going to show you the pictures later on ? well here they are...

We did the chandelier and the 2 round trees part of the decoration for our friends booth Hadeya Station. I did the chandelier and my sister did the trees, I was so happy to see everything set together, they look so cool. I'm sure you can't see what they are made of exactly, but enshallah tomorrow I will show you more close up picture (the making of). They are made of little presents, inspired by the name Hadeya (which in English means a present or a gift).

If you noticed the carpet it resembles a PC keyboard and the screen on top of it is a Plasma TV. Why a PC? because you use it to shop online, and this is basically what they do. Hadeya station is an online shop for unique, trendy and creative gifts that are sorted by several categorizations to assist you in choosing the perfect gift.

F Squared Design, Faisal F. Dashti, an architect, the person I was looking forward to see his booth, I read about him in Abdullah's blog , if I'm not mistaken he won the best looking booth last year. I loved his booth, specially the melted red table on the side. for more information call : 94441290 or email him at

I loved what Thouq magazine did, this is a big metal sofa, but from the back, you have to go in the booth to see the front of the sofa, a lovely colorful cushion . they also had some beautiful photos, could not stand for a long time , it was too crowded.

Noha Al Roumi, and their adorable booth, I loved the flying butterflies at the back. she makes clothes and evening wear, they also have eye catching jewellery drawings. for more information call 22522144 or email noha

How nice, this flag was done by sushi - KW.
Tel: 66510140
We got tired from all the crowds that we decided to buy some makis and head to Cariou coffee. We sat there for like 30 minutes, and then went back to the exhibition.

Chocolateness, they gave us chocolate shoots to drink, uhhhh I was in heaven. Their specialty is Molten cakes, they were preparing them in little ovens but unfortunately we couldn't get to have some to try. they look so delicious. We have to order one day, call or SMS 99906890

Loved the blue sofa, Concept 5.3 link

chose your magnet board organizer
I have to get me one
call 97276681
Crumbs booth

Colazzo , Athletic Wear Designing

I fell in love with these neon color T-shirts I want them all
they have Om Kalthoum face on all the T-shirts
although I hate her, I'm going to get me one
can't resist the color
ohh I almost forgot, you can write what ever you want on them
tel: 2665554

Me Love these by Optimus Design

Pictures of famous Kuwaiti actors

written on them famous phrases from TV shows or plays

Kuwait e shop a new web site similar to e-bay, but this one is for the gulf region. can't say more, because I wanna try it someday and write a post about it, they say you don''t have to pay fees to include your item in their website, don't know how they will make money? but I will read more about that. the funny part is when I finished taking a picture of these 4 guys (above) the one wearing dishdasha said to me "want to have a really good picture?" I looked puzzled, not knowing what he is up to!!! then he whistles and within seconds I had this crowed :)

GO GO Kuwait e Shop

We really enjoyed our time there, although it was extremely hot and crowded

for those who did not attend , you have only one day left


DoDoq8 said…

ليه متى المعرض ؟؟
Anonymous said…
بس اليوم آخر يوم
Anonymous said…
went to your sis's place ,, 3ajeeb mashalla ;)
L.B.T said…
nice pictures
good luck,
NohaNoor Team GmbH

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