Today at work

Today I had to call some employees to get their approval on a specific subject, and what we needed them to do exactly is sign the approval form, scan it and send it back to us via email. One of employees wanted to add something else, the man was Indian, meaning he speaks English, and the conversation went like this:

Man: I want to add something to the approval form
ME: that’s ok send it by email
Man: I will send it through messenger
ME:!!!! I don’t have messenger, why can’t you send it by email? (Thinking in my mind…how could he be using MSN messenger at work, and even if he wanna send it through messenger it’s like sending it via email, soooo what is he talking about???!!!)
Man: I will send it with the PERSON messenger
ME: ahhhhhh ok (in my mind...the mail man not msn) :)


Blogger said…
abby mawatteni min e'6i7ik
joy said…

7altch sa3ba
Anonymous said…
stella said…
حده فشلة بس مت من الضحك لان توقعت انج انتي فاهمه غلط

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