The surprise

Remember when I told you that my sister and I were working on a project ? Well we finished it last week, and it turned out to be pretty good, I can not show you pictures of it until the 22 of February, why 22? because on that day there will be an event called Proud to be Kuwaiti in Al Raraya ballroom and the project is part of the decoration of our friend's ( E) booth.

E is one of the participants of the event and her company ... actually E and her sisters company is going to be launched on that day, so I can't say much about that, you all have to wait.

The first time I heard about this event was through "Banat O Bes program - بنات و بس " and I was amazed by the number of participants and their arrangement, not to mention the size of the place, it was huge. Last year it was only for one day, but this year it is going to be for 2 days, from February 22 to the 23, 2009. mark your calender coz it is going to be BIG. If you wanna know more about it go to proud to be Kuwaiti web site - P2BK
Anyways on Monday the day after E took her stuff from us, my sister came to my room wanting me to come outside and see what's in the living room, when I went there I was SHOCKED...there was a big green basket filled with cookies, cupcakes and brownies sitting there on the table, I Quickly said out loud "E!" my sister smiled and said "yes" .
ohhh my god, how sweet of you E, wanting to thank us for all the work we've done. I loved the basket so dreamy so cute. Of course I ate all the "thank you" cookies...Yummy.
Thanx again E and E's sisters :)


Anonymous said…
gorgeous basket, may you inform us from where? and their phone number too?

Enjoy it, u deserve it, am eager to see your creation, I not exibition fan, so I am gonna wait for the photos.

Anonymous said…
atshwgat to see ur work .. oo al hadia 7dha 3ajeeba .. 7a9lt nafsha yoom waladtee bs blue = new boy :)

al ma7l < j's barkery > bl surra
stella said…
واي شكله يشوق بس ياترى طعمه حلو نفس شكله

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