Summer time

I have so many thing I wanna write about , but it's getting late, and I have to sleep, today I arrived late to work and I hate it when I'm only 1 MINUTE late. hate it hate it hate it.... it's only one minute coooome ooooon .
Anyways today after work I went to Souq Sharq to drop off the coupons, but of course I can't just do that I leave, nooooo I have gone to every shop and tried every new thing they have. summer collection is out now.

Comment on picture above:
all pictures of Mango store in sharq . I can't resist neon colors, I took the neon pink bag. I don't know if I'm going to carry it or not , they are too small like an evening bag

I was amazed by Mango, they have some nice clothes, they used to be trendy first time they opened in Kuwait, then after 2 seasons they started having hideous clothes and long skirts made from cheap fabric (specially made for the GCC) but from what I saw today , I think they are back in business. lots of trendy stuff this season.
Comment on blouse picture:
I also took this blouse, it looks so familiar, is it Paul & Joe replica?

Check their website for their new lovely clothes, and also to play games online, like taking photos of models backstage, or being a stylist and dressing a model. lots of fun, try it if you have time.
Comment on third picture:
Those sporty bags look cool too, use it as a beach bag maybe?


fatto said…
انا من زمان احب مانغو واحس كل ماله يحله :)
Anonymous said…
7aloo al qamee9 >> alwan hadia
3aleech bal 3afia oo al bag chnah waid 9a'3ira :)

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