Snow day - in Lebanon

The weather was perfect today to go to Faraya, it took us nearly an hour to reach there, of course I slept all the way

you see people in the parking lot getting ready to wear their ski equipments

didn't thought we would find this much people on a Thursday

My sister and I wanted to try skiing for the first time in our lives
(with a trainer of course)

they gave us snow suits, gloves, hats and boots. we looked ridiculous in them, we kept taking pictures of ourselves and laugh at one another

my booty

Walking in ski boots is really really hard, I felt like an old women walking slowly

here is our trainer, Elie

It wasn't easy wearing these ski blades (or what ever they call them) we are like penguins walking with these things.

uhhh that was fun, going up in the telephrique, it's so peaceful up there and cold too, the biggest mistake is we forgot to take our sunglasses, the wind kept blowing in our faces and the sun was too bright that we can't open our eyes

Breath taking scene
it took us forever to get up there
and in 5 minutes we are back where we started
I didn't get to enjoy skiing, the trainer was with me all the time
as for my sister, she skied perfectly for a bigger, alone
although she is the one who is scared of everything :(
snowboarding looks cool

Ohh yah and I forgot to mention that they didn't give us sticks
they said it will hold us back
and as beginners we should learn how to balance
I hate balance, my leg muscles hurt
I have discovered that this sport need a lot of patience, it's not for me

Dark Vader :)
one of the workers over there
our 1 hour training session has finished, so we went up the slop once more alone, and we did well. of course I had to fall down 4 time coz I don't know how to stop once there is someone in front of me, don't want anyone getting hurt.
It was something new and fun, would love to try it one more time, hopefully in Chamonix in France ;P


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