The quest of finding Melissa

"Thank you for placing your order with Browns.

Unfortunately we have sold out of the item you ordered. This is due to a high demand for this product along with a few problems on our stock system and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused by this."
I don't believe it, this is not happening, I am tired of looking for these shoes. It's my mistake, I wrote about these in January and advised people to buy them immediately and I forgot about myself. I've looked in Kuwait, they told me that they did not arrive yet, and I'm sure once they do they will disappear in a second. I asked my brother to look for them in London, but they were sold out in 5 different stores and here in Lebanon, no sizes. So I've lost hope of ever finding them.
Last night I was surprised to find them in Browns online and placed my order feeling so happy that i found the color I want. but to my bad luck I have received this email above from them, telling me it is sold out :( mo ma3goolah!!!!
There is a pair of white shoes with red heart here in Lebanon , should I buy them or keep looking for these peach color ones ?


kAiKa-MGroMa said…


ana agool shofay b3d inshalah

tlgain ,, el lon ely b 9ora a7la


wl shoes el yellow shane3=7loo 7da

Anonymous said…
i think you should get the white one, witha legataay the peach buy it too! ;p
Anonymous said…
i think i saw them at limelight avenues..
Anonymous said…
Really in limelight !!!

I will call them today and check
Anonymous said…
I called lime lightm they don't have this model

bes karahta el joti
Anonymous said…
the shoe availble in this site you can check it:)

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