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Loved these shoes (marc by marc jacobs) decided to go back home and order the yellow ones I posted about in december but they turned out to be a different model.

I like the name of this street, specially when the Lebanese pronounce it (surso')

flowers on the way

The red cross building looks so messy and old they are the ones who need help

I thought we are going to find new stuff at Sara's bag :(

Neon :)

The ceiling of an elevetor

in Lebanon they always have a scary old building...

that has a nice looking small shops in it
this is Nada Zeineth shop, she sells beutiful accessories
Tel: 01-448156

I bought these earrings from there

We went to chocolate Milano, the melted chocolate (hot chocolate) we were looking forward to, is not that good, and tasted more hazelnut than chocolate, this is what my sister said, she is the one who tryed it. I had a small chocolate cake that has a little bit of coffee flavour with vanilla ice cream, I liked the ice cream more.

Me like

and at the end of the day we had dinner at Abdullwahab restaurant


kAiKa-MGroMa said…
الشوز الأصفر شنيع

بس فرق الصوره طبعا لاعب دوره
Anonymous said…
I want some of that choco milano !!!

the shoe is very "im having a party" kinda shoe ;P

Glad your having fun
lollipop said…
7abait el shoes 7adda 3ajeen o '3areeb :)
Me Blogging said…
ohh no mo shanee3
Me like :(

yah the shoes looks like that, but I'm thinking of wearing it for day and night :)

yes it is

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