Pictures and comments - in Lebanon

did you know that Ashti in Solidaire has a cafe on the last floor ?

I have tried the mille feuille, did not like it
it is good but not for me, it tasted more like an Arabic dessert
desserts like these I call them grown up desserts

Mum loved her Apple tart

Neon is killing me

Loved the tree with pink flowers

For dinner a friend of ours recommended this place for us in Jumaiza called La Parilla, but when we got there the waiter did not welcome us in, because we did not have reservations and all tables were booked. I hate when that happens, how did we forgot to call????

So we ended up going to Paul
I had a crab Salad, really goooood
and a Mozzarella sandwich, don't know why!!! a sandwich for dinner
I ate half of it, it was huge


Unknown said…
9orat el ma63am 5anzer ??? eshlon ebtaklon ?
Anonymous said…
ee wallah china khanzeer
elmafrooth thoor :)
la tkhafeen estagbalna thoor kbeer dakhel (mu7ana6)

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