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photo shooting

I just finished shooting my sister's collection of headbands, now it's 5:28 in the morning and I'm exhausted.


Anonymous said…
do we get to see?? :D
Anonymous said…
Enshallah soon, and I will tell you about it, don't worry
DoDoq8 said…

منو وين الاستديو الصغير هذا وايد عجبني ؟؟
Anonymous said…
not only see the collection... we want to buy too :)
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
I love the pic ! bas can you please upload an HQ version of it?

Plus is your sis promoting her stuff on P2BK ?

if so gole lina 3ashan we promote her ;P
Me Blogging said…
sharyathoom min amazon
bes ma anse7ech feehom wayed tarkeebhoom sa3eb

you will get to buy
we have to meet with the website who is going to host our collection

hi :) why do u need an HQ picture ?
and my sister is not promoting in P2BK, and thanx for the offer GmbH

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