Ohhh no I'm FAT again

I just weighed myself and I can't believe what I saw
I gained 4 kilos
I'm FAT again
I can't get into my pants, I have to start walking again
ahhhhh I know these days I have no control on myself
and I'm drinking lots of Pepsi, THIS HAVE TO STOP
P.S: the picture has nothing to do with me, I was searching baby's belly , coz I feel like having one and found this cute pregnant women cake for a baby showers party


Matrix said…
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fatto said…
لووووول الكيكه حدها اتشوق :) انتي متنتي وانه ضعفت 5 كيلوات باركيلي :) والفال لجانشاءالله :) على قولت خالتي قطيتي 5 ديايات من جسمج .. لأن يقولون الديايه وزنها كيلو :)
Anonymous said…
al kaika 7adha atwnas ..
dasheet al mawqa3 oo ashtrak fee ..
7ada fe afkar 7alwa waid :)
thanx ..

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