New desktop

I bought me a new desktop, since I download a lot and have so many pictures and I stay a very long time on the Internet , I figured I have to get me a desktop before my laptop crashed down from all the work it is doing. right now I'm blogging from my new PC :) love the big screen (HP mat 22 inch) hate the wireless mouse, don't know why it needs a lot of pressure to click on an icon or open a window, or is it because of widows vista?

properties : HP Pavilion Elite PC, processor Intel 2.4 GHz and RAM 4GB 700GB HD. Got it from Eureca, PC price 299KD and the screen is 86KD.

my HP screen

my Dell laptop

what a difference, look at the tiny screen (13 inch)


B said…
Congratulations ;)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations !

just a quick question, where did you get that cute black table from ?
Me Blogging said…
Thank you
we got the table from Ikea and the chairs from home center :)
Me Blogging said… scare me just now I was just reading your blog , how did you know that I was there ?
Anonymous said…
hah ! i dont know ,, its my "beyond-this-world" senses i guess ;P

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