Hala February

My dad have upgraded our Internet connection to 2M yesterday (woohoo faster downloads for me) and they gave him like 40 coupons to enter the Hala February draw. I wrote down my name in all of them because I always win something I'm a lucky girl :) I have won a car once and I'm hoping for another ;P (greedy ha?)

My strategy for this year is to distribute coupons in different places and wait for the result .


fatto said…
واااي جان زين مره لو مره افوز ابشي سنع .. اذكر بس مره فزت ابجنجفه
فيديديدو بالغطا مال سفن اب .. ايام اول
Anonymous said…
shloun ashoof il asami maloot il fayzeen bil sa7b ?
Me Blogging said…
they said they will publish the names in news papers and you can find them on hala february web site, but I can't open it now don;t know why!!!!
Anonymous said…
which news paper i have checked al wa6an there was nothing and the site is not working.
Anonymous said…
they have also claimed that they will announce the name of the winners on ktv1 but what time .
Me Blogging said…
I really don't know, did not check

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